September Show

9/25/2010 (Sat) at Viento Y Agua in Long Beach, we’re playing at 9pm with My Parasol and She’s Electric.  It’s a free show, so hope to see you there!



More pictures from Gallery Nucleus

More pictures from Moonshine here.

and here.


8/14/2010 Gallery Nucleus

We were given a wonderful opportunity to perform an acoustic set at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra last night for the opening night of Moonshine.  We had a great time being surrounded by tons of awesome artwork and friendly people!  Here are some pictures taken by our friend Dan Lam.


Different City EP

We’re currently working on our debut EP, Different City.

You can listen to 2 of the songs, Bus Ride and Keep On The Sunny Side, at our bandcamp page.  We’re hoping to release the EP next week so be sure to stay tuned.